Owning a vintage and classic car or vehicle can be an extremely rewarding and fun experience. However, restoring these cars is not always the simplest task, and if you yourself don’t have the expertise to fix it, then you’ll have to find an experienced auto shop that can do the job for you. Keep in mind: vehicle restoration isn’t the most straightforward process. The steps for restoration will differ depending on vehicle make, model, and condition. 

Before you begin your vintage car collection, it’s important to know some of the basic steps to vehicle restoration, as it’s not the best hobby for everyone. Here are some of the basic steps to consider when getting a vehicle restored from a professional auto body shop:

  • Budget. Before you do absolutely anything, set a budget for yourself and see if you can realistically afford to restore a classic car. The budget should be all-inclusive and consider not only the car you want to purchase but also the additional parts and labor costs that the car may need once it’s yours. Restoring classic cars isn’t the cheapest hobby, and it’s important to know the exact cost so you’re prepared to spend the necessary money to completely restore the car.
  • Parts and Suppliers. Restoring a car to its original condition may require specific parts, paint colors, and dials that are only made by certain manufacturers. Be prepared to spend time finding the right suppliers for these parts. Additional, you should be ready to pay for international shipping costs, as many manufacturers are located abroad. 
  • Condition. Consider the condition of the car you’re buying and the costs associated with restoring it. This will define where and how you’re spending your budget. For example, costs to restore the interior and exterior of the car will be vastly different than the cost of fixing an engine or motor of the car. 
  • Body Shop. Most people don’t have the expertise to fix cars themselves, meaning you’ll have to go to a body shop to have your car restored. Take your time finding the right body shop for you. A good body shop will have the essential materials to restore your cars such as sanding blocks, grinders, an HVLP spray gun, and a disk sander. They should also know the universal 100-points system to rate the condition of your car. These are small ways to measure the experience and readiness of an auto body shop when restoring a classic car. 

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