The wear and tear of the years can make your car look less than lackluster. Where paint peels and rust grows, there was once glossy shine. Fender benders and door dings dimple your vehicle. The interior, once rich with that new car smell, only carries a hint of last night's takeout. 

You may be skimming online sites looking for replacements, but try a little TLC before you do. All your car needs is love and care to get it back to new. Drop your clunker off at Tom's Auto Body and be returned with a fully restored and renovated vehicle. 

Turn Old to New

  1. Keep the Outside Clean
Maintaining the exterior's cleanliness is paramount for a quick facelift. Also, common bacteria, such as bird poop, can damage the car's paint. Before the mess sets in:

  • Wipe the excrement away with a microfiber towel and detailing spray.
  • Get a car wash when you can to wash away anything missed.
  • After, dry the vehicle with a microfiber towel to avoid water spots.
  • Invest in polishing to keep your car looking brand new. 

      2. Freshen the Interior

    Keeping the interior tidy is just as important as exterior cleanliness. The interior is where you spend most of your time with the car, and peak freshness is key. Odors, dirt, and trash can build up without proper care. For starters, use weather-resistant floor mats in winter so any salt can be easily washed out. During the summer, regularly vacuum the floor mats to eliminate any dirt your shoes may have tracked in. Also, roll down your windows after getting takeout to release any residual odors. Lastly, use interior detail spray and a microfiber towel or waxing sponge to wipe down leather and vinyl seats. 

          3. Seek Professional Restoration
      Even after taking extra precautions and consistently cleaning your car from top to bottom, you may need to take your vehicle to an auto body shop. As damages are sustained, the car will erode and weaken. Whether from a major crash or a small paint chip, certain damages can only be fixed under the careful watch of professionals. At Tom's Auto Body, we can do full collision repairs, auto body painting, classic car renovation, dent repair, spot welding, waxing, and more. If previous efforts are falling short, bring your car to the professionals for superior service. 

            4. Receive Professional Care

      Give your car the gift of new life; Tom's Auto Body will turn back time and make your car better than new. As Lake Country's premier auto body shop since 1981, our unparalleled services are tried and true. Customer satisfaction takes top priority as we work to renew your car's spirit. Visit our website for more information or call us at (262) 646-3196.