It could happen to anyone. You're driving down the road, you start to change lanes, and you accidentally dent a car that just happened to be in your blind spot. You're in the parking lot of a busy supermarket, and as you're putting your groceries into the trunk of your car, your cart slips away, abruptly crashing into another vehicle parked close by. 

These are just two of countless situations which often mean dents, scrapes, and scratches on your car and another car. It's a stressful (and sometimes expensive) situation. But fortunately, getting into a minor fender bender isn't as troublesome as it once was. A qualified professional will be able to fix damage to your car, making a minor accident a distant memory. 

But where do you take your vehicle if something like this occurs to you? If this has never happened to you before, the place where you take your vehicle for oil changes or routine car maintenance and repairs may not be able to fix significant dents and scratches properly. For something like this, you will need to go to an experienced auto body shop.

Here are some of the most common repairs an auto body shop can perform on your vehicle:

Auto Body Painting

If you're in a collision with another vehicle on the road, chances are, the impact was enough to not only cause dents in your and the other car involved but also impact the paint on both vehicles. This means that a new paint job might be necessary to protect the car's exterior from the elements. Paint jobs are also done if your vehicle is starting to rust. According to Carwise, the car's surface will first be sanded down to bare metal and cleaned. Then, corrosion-resistant primer is applied, and then THAT is sanded down before the surface is carefully cleaned. Finally, several layers of paint are applied and dried before the exterior is buffed and polished.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is a great option to repair your car if it was involved in a collision with a stray shopping cart or if your vehicle was recently hit by flying rocks or hail. Carwise details how paintless dent repair requires no fillers or sanding because a trained technician can use various special tools to gently push dents back into place without impacting the factory paint job on your car. This method of dent repair is both long-lasting and cost-effective. 

From a tiny scrape to a big accident, Tom's Auto Body will work with you and your vehicle to get it looking as good as new. Our friendly team of experts will provide the highest quality of work and ensure your car is returned to you in optimal condition promptly. Not only that, but we guarantee to make the entire process hassle-free by taking care of all of the damages and working directly with your insurance company. 

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